Go-Box is the solution your customers have been looking for to automate the enrollment and configuration processes on large quantities of Chromebooks. Automating up to 16 Chromebooks at a time, Go-Box makes short work of Chromebook deployments and can save days or weeks’ worth of time when they need it most. Go-Box is the affordable white glove solution and is the perfect fit for 1:1.

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What to say

Hi ______, I’m excited to tell you about a new automation tool for Chromebooks that is going to make your life a lot easier!

It’s called Go-Box and it automates the enrollment and configuration processes on new or existing Chromebooks, 16 at a time. After you quickly customize your school’s configuration using the Go-Box UI, you simply go around the table, plugging in one of the provided 16 USB cables into your Chromebooks, and Go-Box does the rest in a flash.

It can click through all enrollment screens to automatically add the Chromebooks into your school’s Google admin domain, set up the WIFI and prep the Chromebooks so they are ready for student use.

Go-Box helps you create your own white glove service and save a ton of time and money by easily doing things yourself. It doesn’t get faster or more cost effective than this!

________ is an authorized reseller of Go-Box and I’d love to help you get a quote and answer any questions. How many units would you like to start with?

General Sales Script

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Commonly Asked Customer Questions

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Depending on the Chromebook throughput desired, one (1) Go-Box per 2,000 Chromebooks to be provisioned is a general ratio that can be recommended.

Alternatively, many customers find more success by assigning 1 Go-Box unit to each IT Technician, so they can conveniently use their own Go-Box for Chromebook deployments and/or re-enrollments at any of the school locations they may be working at each day.

Customers report that the average enrollment is about 2 minutes +/- 30 seconds, depending on the on-site network configuration. See here for an actual Go-Box customer’s feedback of this pace: https://twitter.com/RyanAdkins82/status/874305070594228224

Currently, the only limitation on Go-Box automation speed is the rate at which Chrome OS displays each screen during the enrollment process. It truly doesn’t get any faster than this!

For customers looking to purchase 5 or more Go-Box units, a 14-day trial (max 400 Chromebook enrollments) can be arranged by contacting sales@go-box.com

Alternatively, the link to this video technical demonstration (15 minutes) can be shared with your customers that request it, and it will help them understand better how Go-Box works: https://bit.ly/Go-BoxDemo
Most customers get what they need from this recorded technical demonstration and in most cases, it alleviates the need for a hands-on demo.

Go-Box can automate anything you can do by hand with an external mouse and keyboard, including initiate the Chrome OS update. For highest Chromebook throughput when OS update is desired as part of the overall process, customers have found that a 2-stage approach is most efficient, since waiting for the OS to download and install can take a little time.

  • Most Go-Box customers create and save 2 automation ‘templates’ on the Go-Box to accomplish this – the first template takes the Chromebook through the OS update, and the second completes the enrollment and configuration process after the OS update has completed.
  • Alternatively, many Go-Box customers find that it’s much faster to skip the OS update on new Chromebooks using a shortcut key sequence we have discovered, and then push out the OS update using the admin console. This key sequence is shared on our template scripts that come pre-loaded on each Go-Box.
While the Go-Box cannot [currently] add a unique asset identifier to a Chromebook during the automated enrollment process, customers desiring this as part of their process can add a longer delay in the script template to accommodate the time needed for this to be added, or simply have the script end on the asset ID screen so it can be added manually.
Great question! While makeshift hack solutions can be found, Go-Box is the world’s first and only commercially produced, fully supported Chromebook automation solution. There truly is no competition when it comes to the ease of use, speed of deployment, or technical support received with Go-Box. Why waste time tinkering around when you can be off and running in no time with Go-Box?

Click to view / download this PDF comparison guide you can share with your customer that asks: 

Each Go-Box requires a valid license to operate.

K12 education and non-profit customers have the benefit of a one-time Go-Box Education License that enables them to purchase the Go-Box, and then use it within their domain as much as they’d like without any ongoing usage costs.

Commercial or 3rd party service providers are prohibited from using a Go-Box with Education License.

Order processing time is typically 24-48 hours from the time that a valid Purchase Order is submitted.  Default shipping is UPS ground from Newport News, Virginia (23606).

Expedited delivery options and rates can be arranged by contacting sales@go-box.com at time of order.

What’s Included with the Go-Box

Go-Box Chrome (SKU: GBC018K12), soft carrying case, 16-port USB cable assembly, power supply, velcro tie straps

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Go-Box Chrome Reviews

I just finished enrolling 600 Chromebooks in 3 days … which used to take me over 2 weeks! Thanks for such a FANTASTIC product!
Matthew R., Western Springs School District 101 - Illinois
The Go-Box is working well, it now takes longer to plug the Chromebooks in than it takes to provision!
Jim M., Central Okanagan Public Schools - British Columbia, Canada

This is great!!!! @Yorkville115 has created our own white glove service using Go-Box Chrome. We can configure 24 machines in 2 min! (picture above)

Ryan A., Yorkville 115 - Yorkville, IL
We had 1 person doing this job and he was able to provision all 1500 Chromebooks in 3 days. By himself. The damn thing just works! (picture above)
Scott H., Neosho School District - Neosho, MO
The Go-Box Chrome is a game changer for schools with 1:1 Chromebook programs. I could see these in every school district within a few years.
Glen M., North Carolina
Once we got the Go-Box script tweaked, it was faster than one person could do by themselves! By the end of the process we were provisioning about 200 an hour and that was only limited by man power, not the go-box!
Chris B., Fairfield Public Schools - Fairfield, CT
I love the Go-Box. I did over 1000 Chromebooks in about 3 days by myself. It was easy as can be to plug them in, let it work, and then on to the next set in roughly a minute and a half … the Go-Box was a life saver for me!
Jim G., Shelley Joint School District 60, ID
I am thrilled with the Go Box and just amazed at the time savings! So glad I visited your booth this year!
Heather D., Flora CUSD #35, Illinois

Technical Demo

Learn more about how the Go-Box works by watching this recorded technical demonstration (14:43)

Share the link to this video with your customers that request it: 


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