You have a large fleet of Chromebooks to enroll in a 1:1 program. 

When weighing your options for how to enroll a Chromebook fleet, we’re sure none of the obvious solutions seem very appealing:

  1. Outsource the project and pay expensive ‘white glove’ fees ($5-$25 per device)
  2. Experiment with DIY automation hacks (complex script writing)
  3. Manually enroll each device one at a time (at approx. 5 minutes per device)

Although manual enrollment often takes the longest, it’s usually the most cost-efficient option — so organizations tend to opt for it if they have the manpower.

But what if there was another solution?

What if you could create your own reliable, in-house, ‘white-glove,’ Chromebook enrollment solution?

Good news. You can.

Let’s dive into Go-Box Chrome and how their automated Chromebook enrollment tool compares to the manual Chromebook enrollment process.

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Go-Box: Enroll Chromebooks Into a 1:1 Program With an Automated, User-Friendly Process

Are you trying to determine how to enroll Chromebooks into your 1:1 program without breaking the budget and overworking your IT department?

Go-Box has solved mass Chromebook enterprise enrollment with a simple tool that allows you to establish an in-house “white glove” enrollment program.

This one-time investment solves the problem of how to enroll a Chromebook fleet year after year while saving an astonishing amount of time and freeing up your staff.

Compatible with all Chromebook models, Go-Box:

  • Can provision 16 Chromebooks simultaneously.
  • Utilizes an easy-to-operate User Interface that does not require extensive coding knowledge.
  • Can automate re-enrollment after force wipe on existing units.
  • Is accompanied by full tech support.

How to Enroll a Chromebook Fleet: The Hard Way (Manually)

To save money, many organizations with a 1:1 Chromebook program resign themselves to manually enrolling their entire Chromebook fleet — one device at a time.

While there’s nothing wrong with this method, it comes with three very significant hurdles:

  • Time
  • Repetitive keystrokes
  • Manual configuration

Step 1: Devote a Significant Amount of Time

Time is a precious commodity — especially for school districts trying to enroll a massive fleet of Chromebooks.

Often, IT teams are limited to the time allotted for summer break — after students have turned their devices in at the end of the school year and before the devices need to be ready for incoming students in the fall.

Let’s look at a school district like Dallas ISD who serves approximately 153,000 students. If they operate a 1:1 Chromebook program, they have 153,000 Chromebooks to enroll. 

Let’s say the manual Chromebook enrollment process requires approximately 5 minutes per device. That equates to 12,750 hours of enrollment time. 

Even with a large team, accomplishing such a feat in such a limited amount of time is unfathomable. 

Additionally, with IT team members devoting time to enrolling Chromebooks, standard summer IT projects including … 

  • Technology upgrades
  • Software updates
  • Security improvements

… are delayed — making crucial operations vulnerable.

Step 2: Prepare for Substantial Repetitive Keystrokes

The manual Chromebook enrollment process requires hours, even weeks of repetitive keystrokes.

Every person on the enrollment team will need to know:

  • WiFi credentials
  • Admin Google or Google for Education domain credentials
  • Which organizational units need to be applied to which groups of devices

Your team should be aware of the risks associated with repetitive keystrokes (see the human fatigue section below) and plan accordingly.

Completely eliminate repetitive keystrokes and provision multiple Chromebooks simultaneously with Go-Box. 


Step 3: Manually Setup and Configure One Device at a Time

You’ve learned a bit about Go-Box at this point. But, if you’re still interested in learning how to enroll a Chromebook fleet manually, here are the steps to complete with each device — one at a time:

  1. Power on the Chromebook
  2. Select the method you’d like to use to connect to the internet
  3. Confirm that you’ve selected the correct network and enter your network security credentials
  4. Accept the terms and conditions on the first screen
  5. Update the Chrome OS (if needed)
  6. Reach the sign on phase
  7. Trigger enterprise enrollment by pressing Ctrl+alt+e 
  8. Log in with your enterprise enrollment or Google for Education domain credentials 

4 Common Issues That Can Delay Attempts to Manually Mass Enroll Chrome Devices

Enrolling just one Chromebook isn’t difficult. We know that. But when it comes to manually mass enrolling tens or hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks, a difficult process is not the concern. 

It’s a tedious process.

It’s a long process.

And there are a few issues that can make your fleet enrollment drag out even longer:

#1: Lag Time During OS Updates

About every six weeks, Chrome releases a full OS update. Minor updates occur even more frequently (every 2-3 weeks). With such regular updates, it is highly likely that much — if not most — of your Chromebook fleet will suggest a software update before you complete the enrollment process.

While you may be able to skip the software update, we don’t recommend it. Chrome OS updates include …

  • New features
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes

… which are all essential to the optimal functioning of your Chromebooks.

While Chrome OS updates are important, they can create minor to significant lag time during the enterprise enrollment process.

12,750 hours to enroll 150,000+ Chromebooks is long enough, don’t add even more hours with lag time resulting from OS updates.

With Go-Box, all sixteen simultaneously provisioning Chromebooks will be updated to the newest version of Chrome OS during the automated enrollment process.

#2: Authentication Failure With Google Enrollment Credentials

Imagine getting through all the initial Chromebook setup steps, typing in your Admin Google credentials (or, for school districts, your Google for Education domain), and receiving a Code 401 error:

       “The authorization token isn’t valid and enrollment can’t continue.” 

How frustrating.

Authentication failure can occur if:

  • Credentials are typed incorrectly (muscle memory can fail even the best of us)
  • Credentials have changed
  • Someone previously signed into the Chromebook with a user account

No matter the reason for credential authentication failure when enrolling a Chromebook, the outcome is the same:

More time spent on a single device.

Every extra minute spent on each Chromebook adds up — delaying your entire process and creating stress and frustration for your enrollment team.


#3: Human Fatigue

When determining how to enroll a Chromebook fleet, remember that manual enrollment requires:

  • Repetitive keystrokes
  • Long hours staring at a screen
  • Standing or sitting for extended periods

All of the above can take a lot out of your team physically and contribute to human fatigue. 

In turn, human fatigue can lead to:

  • Overuse injuries
  • Eyestrain
  • Upper back and neck strain
  • Poor posture
  • Memory lapses
  • Lack of attention
  • A reduction in the ability to process information

When suffering from any of these symptoms, your enrollment team may inadvertently further delay a manual Chromebook fleet enrollment due to human error.

#4: Human Error

Human error cannot be overlooked as a risk factor for manual Chromebook enrollment. When errors are made, their full impact can be felt in both the added time required and the additional finances needed to rectify the errors.

Go-Box removes the risk of human error by:

  • Providing a user interface that doesn’t require any extensive coding skills  
  • Eliminating repetitive keystrokes
  • Automating the mass enrollment process

How to Enroll a Chromebook Fleet: The Easy Way (Automation)

There is a much easier way to enroll your Chromebook fleet:

The Go-Box Solution

Don’t spend five minutes on every single device in your 1:1 fleet. Instead, spend 90 seconds provisioning sixteen Chromebooks — simultaneously.

Go-Box automates the entire Chromebook enrollment and configuration process. One simple tool allows your team to:

  • Reset and re-enroll devices.
  • Auto wipe any resident data.
  • Restore devices to factory defaults.
  • Auto-update all devices to the most current OS.
  • Enroll devices into your enterprise enrollment or Google for Education domain with all applicable settings.
  • Configure wireless network automatically.
  • Utilize an unlimited number of templates for an infinite number of organizational unit configurations.

Steps to Enroll a Chromebook Fleet With Go-Box

Once you have your Go-Box unit, enrollment is a breeze:

  1. Power on the Go-Box
  2. Connect your computer to the Go-Box WiFi
  3. Browse to the Go-Box web application
  4. Add your credentials and adjust the template to meet your configuration needs
  5. Plug up to 16 Chromebooks into the Go-Box for simultaneous provisioning in 90 seconds

3 Benefits of Using the Go-Box Solution to Enroll Chrome Devices

We’ve told you what Go-Box can do. Let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest benefits of Go-Box Chrome.

#1: Eliminate Expensive ‘White-Glove’ Fees

Going back to our Dallas ISD example. If they operate a 1:1 Chromebook program, they have over 150,000 devices to enroll. 

Outsourced ‘white-glove’ fees can range anywhere from $5-$25 per device for enterprise enrollment. 

Even if they find an option on the lower end ($5), an outsourced option would likely cost at least $750,000

School districts just don’t have that kind of “extra” money built into their budgets. And even if they do, it’s better spent elsewhere.

Go-Box is a fraction of the price — and it’s a long-term investment (see benefit #3).

#2: Save an Incredible Amount of Time

At around five minutes per device, manual enrollment can take weeks and weeks.

Remember: 153,000 Chromebooks can take up to 12,750 hours to enroll manually. 

Comparatively — with 16 devices provisioning simultaneously, enrolling the same Chromebook fleet using Go-Box would cut configuration time down to about 240 hours.

  • We typically recommend a ratio of one Go-Box unit per 2,000 devices.
  • Overall processing time will vary due to:
    • Setup
    • Configuration adjustments
    • Plugging in and unplugging devices
    • Quality control evaluations 

#3: Go-Box Can Be Used Year After Year to Reset and Enroll Chromebooks as Needed

Finally, unlike other mass enrollment solutions, Go-Box is a long-term investment.

  • DIY automation hacks? Scripts have to be adjusted every single time there’s a Chrome OS update. 
  • Outsourced ‘white-glove services?’ You’ll have to pay those fees year after year.
  • Manual enrollment? Significant time will have to be set aside every summer.

Go-Box can be used again and again to force wipe and re-enroll Chromebooks as needed.

It is a fast and easy solution to enroll a Chromebook fleet. 

Get Go-Box through your preferred technology reseller or request a quote for your organization today.