Does the job of enrolling and configuring hundreds, or even thousands, of Chromebooks overwhelm you before you even get started?

Perhaps you’ve considered an outside white glove service to take care of your fleet of Chromebooks, but the price tag has you reeling.

There is another way — a way that will save you potentially thousands of dollars, loads of time, and a massive amount of manpower.

Go-Box is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn all about Go-Box and how we can outperform both manual and white glove services for Chromebooks and save you tons of time and money.

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Go-Box: Save Thousands of Dollars By Creating Your Own In-House Chromebook ‘White Glove’ Service

You know what’s involved in your 1:1 Chromebook enterprise enrollment process. Going with an outside white glove service for Chromebooks will drain your already slim budget. Taking care of the enrollment process in-house will create a backlog of work and drain your IT staff.

You can create your own in-house Chromebook “white glove” service and save thousands of dollars.

With Go-Box, you’ll be equipped to speed through the enterprise enrollment process in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

Your IT staff will thank you, and they will be available for more of the pressing and complex issues that your IT staff is equipped to handle.

Check out the benefits of Go-Box:

  • Is compatible with all Chromebook models
  • Can provision 16 Chromebooks at one time
  • Automates necessary processes like:
    • Enrollment
    • Configuration
    • Wiping resident data
    • Re-configuration
  • Does not require expansive coding knowledge
  • Includes an easy-to-operate User Interface
  • Comes with full tech support

Forget about paying white glove fees year after year, and let your IT department have their summer back.

Go-Box is a one-time investment that will allow you to service your school’s Chromebooks for many years to come.

What Are the Most Well-Known Options for Enrolling a Chromebook Fleet?

The two most common options for enrolling Chromebooks are:

  1. Manual enrollment and configuration
  2. Chromebook white glove service

Neither one of these options is attractive because they cost you one way or another – in either time or money or both.

Manual enrollment is often the go-to for school systems with limited financial resources. In this case, they put their IT department to work for long stretches to configure and enroll each Chromebook, one device at a time.

To manually provision each Chromebook, IT personnel will follow these general steps:

    1. Power on the Chromebook.
    2. Connect to the internet — usually via Wi-Fi.
    3. Confirm the Wi-Fi network and enter the correct security credentials.
    4. Accept the terms and conditions on the screen.
    5. Update the Chrome OS if necessary.
    6. Reach the sign-on phase.
    7. Start the enterprise enrollment by pressing Ctrl+alt+e.
    8. Log in with your Google for Education credentials.
  • Repeat steps 1 – 8 for each Chromebook in your fleet.

If manual enrollment doesn’t sound appealing, or you don’t have the staff for such an endeavor, using an outside white glove service for Chromebooks is another option. Though this service relieves your IT department of the Chromebook enrollment labor burden, it does come at a cost a cost you may not want (or be able) to pay.

What Is Chromebook White Glove Service?

Chromebook white glove service relieves IT departments of the burden of configuring and enrolling Chromebooks for users, mostly in schools.

A white glove configuration service may offer services including:

  • Unboxing and discarding packaging materials
  • Attaching barcode stickers
  • Adhering or engraving serial numbers
  • Enrolling devices
  • Encasing devices
  • Putting Chromebooks in a cart

A Chromebook white glove service will take care of all the details needed so that when students return in the fall, their Chromebooks are set up and ready to use.

But this convenience comes at a significant cost — one that is often out of reach for many schools. Those who can manage to use a white glove service will gain time and resources by freeing up their own IT staff, but at the expense of up to $25 per device.

Who Provides White Glove Service for Chromebooks?

There are various platforms available that offer white glove service for Chromebooks. 

Google for Education and many other chromebook resellers provide white glove Chromebook services when you purchase their products — for an extra fee.

Most of these services are available for a per Chromebook fee (anywhere from $10 to $25 per device). And if you want a technician to come on-site, you’ll need to pay an additional charge. 

Next year, when you need to repeat the Chromebook configuration process, you’ll need to fork out those funds all over again.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you could create your own in-house white glove service that you could use year after year? 

Go-Box provides the equipment you need to provision up to 16 devices at one time in only 90 seconds. And then next year, with the same equipment, you’ll be able to do it all over again.

Go-Box saves time and money so you can avoid the extreme cost of outsourced Chromebook white glove services.

How Much Does Outsourced White Glove Service for Chromebooks Cost?

Price varies for Chromebook white glove services depending on the service provided and the size of the Chromebook fleet. 

Lower-end Chromebook white glove services involve off-site configuration and enrollment of all devices. For an extra charge, some Chromebook white glove services will send a tech and take care of all your needs on-site. 

Prices can range anywhere from $5 to $25 — per device.


Is Outsourced Chromebook White Glove Service the Only Way to Mass Enroll a Chromebook Fleet?

Outsourced white glove Chromebook service is definitely not the only option. 

We’ve already mentioned doing it manually, which comes with all sorts of drawbacks.

There’s one more way — the easy way.

School districts and businesses that utilize a large fleet of Chromebooks should consider the alternative — Go-Box — the best Chromebook deployment automation solution available.

What Is Go-Box?

Go-Box is the in-house automation solution for enrolling and configuring processes on large numbers of Chromebooks.

Go-Box is cost-effective and is the perfect choice for 1:1 Chromebook programs.

Manually configuring Chromebooks takes tons of time. Go-Box solves the time investment issue with the capability of configuring 16 devices at the same time — in only 90 seconds.

As part of the provisioning process, Go-Box automates all steps, including:

  • Inputting user credentials
  • Configuring Wi-Fi
  • Provisioning organizational units (OU)
  • Wiping resident data
  • Restoring devices to factory settings
  • Enrolling devices
  • Configuring wireless network
  • Updating to the current operating system

This all sounds great, but you may be wondering how Go-Box compares to white glove Chromebook services.

Let’s look at both systems side by side to get an accurate comparison.


Traditional White Glove Chromebook Service vs. Manual Enrollment vs. Go-Box


Hands down, white glove Chromebook services come with a higher price tag.

At the average rate of $10 per Chromebook (and some are more than that), a fleet of 1500 will cost you $15,000.

With Go-Box, provisioning the same number of Chromebooks, your potential savings could equal $13,501 — that’s a 90% savings.

There’s simply no comparison when it comes to cost.


Manually configuring Chromebooks one at a time is both labor and time-intensive.

The time to manually configure and enroll those 1500 Chromebooks, at 5 minutes per device, would take 7,500 minutes.

With Go-Box, the configuration and enrollment process would take roughly 150 minutes.

That’s because, with the Go-Box equipment, you can simultaneously configure 16 devices at once in 90 seconds.

When you hand off your Chromebooks to an outsourced service, you essentially only invest the time it takes to pack them up and ship them to the white glove service.

We all know the adage, “Time is money.”  

The question is, how much are you willing to pay for time? 

It is worth $13,000, or even more for larger quantities? For many organizations, especially school districts, budget is a huge consideration. They simply can’t afford to waste their budget on outsourced white glove services.


If convenience is a priority, manually configuring Chromebooks one at a time is the antithesis of “convenience.”

Go-Box, on the other hand, offers tons of convenience because you can use it over and over again. When Chromebooks need to be wiped clean and reset, you’ll have the equipment you need to get the job done.

The same cannot be said with white glove services — they are “one and done” types of services that will only have to be repeated the next year — with the cost repeating, too.

Resource Requirements

If you opt for the manual configuration option, your resources will be spent — and quickly.

You’ll end up with an overtaxed IT department that will be forced to put other duties on hold — not the optimal way to run an IT department.

Go-Box makes the most of your IT resources, allowing your IT team to get the job done, so they can be available for other tech issues.

When it comes to outsourcing, the only resources you need to consider are your financial resources. Using a Chromebook white glove service may free up your IT team, but it will be at a high price — one that most school districts can’t afford.


Real-World Example of Go-Box Replacing Traditional Chromebook White Glove Services

We hear you, “Sure, this all sounds great, but are there any success stories you can point to?”

We’re glad you asked. 

Check out this success story from Nebraska.

Lincoln Public Schools (Nebraska)

The public schools in Lincoln, Nebraska were looking for a more affordable option to provision their 6000 Chromebooks. The idea of white glove Chromebook service intrigued them, but the cost of the service was well out of their reach.

They decided that they could pull off their own in-house “white glove” service. And they did it successfully.

With a few volunteers, the Lincoln Public Schools were able to …

  • Enroll
  • Configure; and
  • Asset tag

all 6000 Chromebooks in less than 3 days with Go-Box.

And they saved a ton of money.

Compared to the estimated equivalent white glove expense of $10 per device for this service, or $60,000 total, they likely saved around $55,000 using Go-Box instead of other white glove Chromebook services.

Seems too good to be true?

Watch the Lincoln Public School’s deployment here and see how quickly and smoothly the process went for their mass enrollment.

Save Your IT Budget: Skip Outsourced Chromebook White Glove Service — Get Go-Box

Go-Box is the quick and easy solution for your mass Chromebook enrollment needs.

And here’s why:

  • Go-Box automates Chromebook fleet enrollment, saving loads of time.
  • Go-Box is compatible with all Chromebook models.
  • You can easily customize your settings.
  • Enrollment costs are a fraction of white glove costs — pennies per device.
  • You can create various configuration templates to support the organizational units you need.
  • You can use the same Go-Box equipment year after year.

Stop wasting time, money, and resources on old hacks that don’t work or expensive white glove Chromebook services that don’t keep their value.

Get Go-Box through the technology reseller of your choice or request a quote for your school or business today.