Mass Chromebook enterprise enrollments are challenging. Not only do they require an inordinate amount of time, but they can also be extremely expensive.

You don’t have to resign yourself to overworking your team or sacrificing your entire budget.

There is a tool that can help: Go-Box.

In this guide, we’ll review the challenges that arise for organizations that are using a manual process to complete mass enterprise enrollment for their fleet of Chromebooks and show how Go-Box can help you overcome them.

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Go-Box: Revolutionizing the Chromebook Enterprise Enrollment Process

Is your 1:1 Chromebook enterprise enrollment process an exhausting nightmare? Is it creating a backlog of work and headaches for your IT department?

By creating your own in-house “white glove” service, Go-Box allows you to power through enterprise enrollment on stacks of Chromebooks in significantly less time without monopolizing your staff.

Go-Box is compatible with all Chromebook models and:

  • Can provision 16 Chromebooks at once
  • Can automate re-enrollment after force wipe on existing units
  • Does not require extensive coding knowledge
  • Utilizes an easy-to-operate User Interface
  • Includes full tech support

Go-Box is also a one-time investment. Don’t pay “white glove” fees year after year. Buy Go-Box once and use it to enroll and configure your devices indefinitely.

Why Manual Enterprise Enrollment Is Not Conducive to Fields Such as Education

Many organizations, especially school districts, have employed a 1:1 device program. In addition to the expense, there are several reasons why manual enterprise enrollment is not the best option to get Chrome devices up and running.

Large Chromebook Fleets

Schools and companies with 1:1 Chromebook programs have anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks that require enterprise enrollment. 

Let’s look at school districts as an example. Large districts like New York City and Los Angeles Unified have 980,000 and 630,000 students respectively. Even districts in smaller states like Idaho serve an excess of 38,000 students in their most populous communities. 

Without an automation solution, school districts essentially have three choices to enroll their large fleet of Chromebooks:

  1. Devote an incredible amount of time having IT techs or student workers manually enroll each device.
    • If each device takes 5 minutes to enroll, a district with 100,000 students will need to spend over 8,300 hours manually completing enterprise enrollment.
  2. Use their limited budget to cover the cost of expensive one-time “white glove” enrollment services (paying a third party to complete the enrollment process at $5-$25 per device)!
  3. Waste time and money tinkering with unreliable DIY automation hacks.

Various Program Subsets of the Chromebook Fleet Requiring Multiple Organizational Units

In a large Chromebook fleet, there may be various program subsets that require multiple organizational units.

In school districts, for example, unique organizational units may require different applications and restrictions based on:

  • Grade
  • Classes
  • Account login needs
  • Supplemental education needs
  • Special student programs
  • IEPs

Without an automation solution, applying unique organizational units to groups of Chromebooks during the enterprise enrollment process can require multiple “touches” within Google’s Admin Console.

Go-Box allows you to configure an unrestricted number of templates to accommodate all the organizational units you might need. 

Each template file is separate from the credentials file, giving quick control over which organizational unit configuration is applied DURING the enrollment process. This is powerful.

5 Common Issues That Arise During Manual Mass Enterprise Chromebook Enrollments

Because of the sheer amount of manual labor involved in large-scale manual enterprise Chromebook enrollments, several issues often crop up.

Go-Box automates the Chromebook enterprise enrollment process to avoid the following five issues:

#1: Human Fatigue

Imagine repeating the same keystrokes over and over for hours, days, even weeks on end.

The repetitive nature of manual enterprise enrollment for 1:1 programs can trigger human fatigue and burnout, as well as overuse injuries to the fingers, hands, wrists, neck and back.

Fatigue in the workplace can lead to:

  • Decreased task motivation
  • Reduction of alertness
  • Problems in memory and information processing
  • Impaired concentration

These effects of human fatigue can often lead to the next issue that arises during manual mass Chromebook enterprise enrollment: human error.

#2: Human Error

Human error during the Chromebook enrollment process can be costly in both time and finances.

If incorrect credentials are input for a portion of your Chromebook enrollment process, it can disrupt the process and you’ll have to devote more time and money to rectify the error.

With the automation power provided by Go-Box, human error is eliminated.

To further eliminate human error, Go-Box comes with an intuitive user interface that is simple and easy to use — no extensive coding skills required. 


#3: Budgetary Concerns

IT budgets are often only a fraction of an organization’s overall budget. When fulfilling Chromebook enterprise enrollment on a large scale, overtime payroll or “white glove” fees can easily deplete an already limited budget.

And consider that enterprise enrollment is not a one-time thing for most organizations using Chrome devices. 

For school districts especially, many devices will need to be reconfigured and re-enrolled on a yearly basis, after the graduating class returns their assigned Chrome devices.

#4: Time Constraints

Mass Chromebook enterprise enrollments typically need to be completed in a set amount of time. 

For school districts, it’s frequently over the summer break. In large districts, this means enrolling and reconfiguring tens or hundreds of thousands of devices within a two-month period.

Without an automation solution, these time constraints often require organizations to outsource their enterprise enrollment process — requiring the payment of hefty “white glove” service fees.

#5: Personnel Limitations

When organizations with large Chromebook fleets have to rely on their existing IT teams to manually enroll their devices into an enterprise, their employees are pulled away from other crucial day-to-day and long-term projects.

This means help-desk tickets might go unanswered and critical system updates might be delayed.

3 Ways Go-Box Streamlines Mass Enterprise Enrollment on Chromebooks

There’s a better way to mass enroll your chromebook fleet. There’s no need to struggle with DIY hacks or pay a fortune to outsource the process when one simple tool allows you to streamline and automate chromebook enterprise enrollment on your own.

#1: Go-Box Eliminates the Need for Manual Enterprise Enrollment

With Go-Box, manual Chromebook enterprise enrollment is a thing of the past. From inputting user credentials, to Wi-Fi configuration, to provisioning organizational units (OU), Go-Box automates every step of the process. 

Any enrollment configuration that can be applied to a Chromebook with an external keyboard and mouse, can be automated with Go-Box. 

The results?

  • No repetitive keystrokes
  • Fewer adjustments needed through Google’s Admin Console
  • Less time and money spent  
chromebook-enterprise-enrollment-go-box (1)

#2: Go-Box Solves Mass Chromebook Enterprise Enrollment

Without Go-Box, mass Chromebook enterprise enrollment typically requires DIY hacks involving writing complex scripts and a fairly comprehensive knowledge of coding. 

And even if you complete a script and are able to get it to automate the enrollment process, those steps must be repeated again and again across every hardware piece.

Additionally, the steps have to be repeated over and over each time Google makes a tweak to the enrollment process — which already varies between nearly every Chrome OS version! 

Go-Box provides all Chrome OS enrollment templates for customers for free, eliminating the tinkering and wasted time. 

Go-Box also allows you to develop an unlimited number of configurations via a user-friendly interface and apply your centralized configurations to 16 USB channels simultaneously in seconds.

We typically recommend one Go-Box for every 2,000 devices to optimize enrollment time. With this ratio, the above calculation of over 8,300 hours to provision 100,000 Chromebooks can be reduced to about 157 hours of strictly automated configuration time. Your total processing time will vary to account for:

  • Setup
  • Configuration adjustments
  • Plugging in and unplugging devices
  • Quality control evaluations 

#3: Go-Box Allows Unlimited Saved Templates to Support All Your Organizational Units

As we mentioned above, one of the most common issues to arise during a manual enterprise enrollment process is the need for multiple levels of organizational units.

Manual enrollment requires team members to first enroll the device with the correct user credentials and to then follow up via the Admin Console to deploy specific organizational units that:

  • Apply unique permissions
  • Install varied applications based on programs, grades, classes, etc.

With Go-Box you can create an unrestricted number of configuration templates to support as many organizational units as you need. 

These templates are stored separately on your Go-Box and can be applied through the User Interface in seconds. 

All you have to do is select the pre-made configuration that applies to the group of Chromebooks you’re provisioning, set it as active, and plug in the Chromebooks. 

When done with the previous batch, change the configuration for the next group of Chromebooks and repeat the process to apply varied organizational units quickly and effectively. It doesn’t get easier or faster than Go-Box.

Buy Go-Box and Simplify the Chromebook Enterprise Enrollment Process for Your District, School, or Company

Go-Box is the quick and easy solution for Chromebook enterprise enrollment. Don’t waste any more time or money on unreliable hacks that only cause more frustration or outsourced enrollment that doesn’t retain any value.

Get Go-Box through your preferred technology reseller or request a quote for your organization today.