The good news about enrolling a large fleet of Chromebooks in a 1:1 program is that you have options.

You could take the time to manually enroll each and every Chromebook. 

Or you could expedite the process while utilizing a mass automated deployment system and freeing up your IT department from tedious manual enrollment. 

Enter Go-Box.

We’ll explore all of Go-Box’s enrollment solutions and how it can simplify the mass Chromebook enrollment configuration process.

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Go-Box: Simplifying the Mass Chromebook Enrollment Configuration Process

Is your mass Chromebook enrollment configuration creating a backlog of work for your IT team?

Go-Box allows you to expedite and streamline your Chromebook enterprise enrollment in significantly less time without monopolizing your staff.

Compatible with all Chromebook models, Go-Box:

  • Can provision 16 Chromebooks at once
  • Can automate re-enrollment after power washing units
  • Does not require extensive coding knowledge
  • Utilizes an easy-to-operate user interface
  • Includes full tech support via:
    • Live support technicians
    • Online support
    • Email support
    • RMA support; and
    • A hardware warranty

Forget about paying “white-glove” fees year after year. Invest in Go-Box once and use it to enroll and configure your devices for years to come.

What Is Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Every step from unboxing a new Chromebook to having it up, running, and ready to go for a new user can be considered part of the Chromebook enrollment process.

The “configuration” aspect involves the:

  • Wifi network enrollment
  • OS updates
  • Terms and conditions settings
  • Organizational units (or OUs)
  • Asset ID setup

We’ll compare the manual process (and time commitment) with the automation solutions involved with each of these elements later on.  

chromebook menrollment configuration

How Long Does Manual Chromebook Enrollment Typically Take?

Enrolling a single Chromebook may only take about five minutes manually. But when you have a huge fleet of Chromebooks for a 1:1 program (like say, for schools or districts), those minutes add up quickly.

You could be looking at a matter of hours, days, or even weeks, manually configuring each device and user setting.

But not with Go-Box.

Keep in mind some speed factors are network and environment dependent.

Generally, though, a Chromebook deployment with Go-Box will take about as much time as needed to plug in the 16 Chromebooks as it will for the Go-Box to automatically enroll them.

Current customers report it took:

  • 2 minutes to enroll 24 Chromebooks
  • One person less than 3 days to enroll 1,500 Chromebooks
  • Less than a week to enroll 6,000 Chromebooks

Why Is Mass Chromebook Enrollment Configuration Often Challenging?

While there are pros to manual enrollment (it’s free and generally reduces human error), there are some challenges as well.

You’re fighting against:

  • The time required to complete thousands of manual deployments
  • Human error
  • Repetitive keystrokes
  • The cost expense (if you opt for white-glove service)

The good news is, there’s Go-Box.

Our enrollment solution is intuitive, efficient, and allows you to create your own in-house “white-glove” enrollment program.

Go-Box solves the problem of repeated manual Chromebook enrollment fleets year after year and saves you an impressive amount of time and — bonus— it’s a one-time investment.

5 Ways Go-Box Simplifies Mass Chromebook Enrollment Configuration

Post-enrollment, Chrome users, devices, and OUs all require specific setting configurations to ensure all policies and environments are correct.

WiFi network enrollment, OS updates, and terms and conditions settings are all involved in a Chromebook enrollment. Determining device configuration and the right way to streamline the process begins with Go-Box.

Below, we’ll look at different aspects of the Chromebook enrollment configuration process and show you how Go-Box simplifies the manual process. 

#1: Automatic WiFi Network Enrollment

For a Chromebook to access a network, it has to be connected to WiFi. 

This means that every Chromebook in a fleet needs to have the proper credentials entered to connect to a WiFi network. 

How Does Go-Box Simplify the WiFi Component of Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Go-Box supports all potential network and enrollment configurations that a Chromebook supports as long as the credentials (ie. user name, password, and other authentication info) are the same for each Chromebook.

This may include:

  • Network authentication portals
  • Enterprise portals
  • Network certificates
  • And more

A custom “template” or script can easily be created to navigate the unique steps required for configuring your network.

#2: Automatic OS Updates

Sometimes when Chromebooks are powered up for the first time (or when they’ve been reset at the end of the school year and are being re-configured), they’ll be running an old version of Google Chrome.

If you opt for a manual enrollment, this step would require having to tell the Chromebook to update to the newest Chrome OS.

Rinse and repeat for every one of the Chromebooks in your fleet.

But with Go-Box, you’re able to access all current OS versions. You can reap the benefits of automatic OS updates whenever new versions are released.

chromebook menrollment configuration

How Does Go-Box Simplify the OS Component of Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Go-Box comes pre-loaded with many pre-made “templates” that support all current Chrome OS versions. 

Our solution also supports a shortcut feature on Chromebooks that will skip the “Auto Update” portion of provisioning and enrollment. 

While this shortcut can be easily disabled, it is included in all of the default automation “templates” that come loaded on the Go-Box.

Further support is provided as the Go-Box updates the Chromebook OS version after enrollment or when the Chromebook is in a “staged” configuration during enrollment.

#3: Automatic Terms & Conditions Settings

When you see the Google Terms of Service screen, there are options to share (or not to share) diagnostic data with Google.

In the enrollment/deployment process, you accept Google’s terms and conditions with a few clicks.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Now multiply those few clicks times the hundreds or thousands of Chromebooks you have. All those clicks take time when you’re configuring a fleet of Chromebooks.

How Does Go-Box Simplify the Terms & Conditions Component of Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Go-Box provides an easy solution.

You’re able to accept these terms and conditions on 16 Chromebooks in the time it would take you to manually complete this step for 1 Chromebook.

If you and your IT department value time management, Go-Box is a no-brainer. 

#4: Easily Establish Organizational Units

When you’re dealing with a large Chromebook fleet, it’s likely that a number of program subsets will require multiple organizational units, or OUs.

Let’s say you receive a batch of Chromebooks and are enrolling them at a central location — but they’re going to be split and sent out to many different schools.

You can set these OUs up to push the end network configuration to those Chromebooks after they’ve been enrolled. This step streamlines enrollment and allows you to customize the deployment for your needs.

Organizational units in school districts, for instance, may require unique applications and restrictions for different:

  • Grades
  • Classes
  • Account login needs
  • Supplemental education needs
  • Special student programs
  • IEPs

To apply those different settings to a set of Chromebooks, you can create a child organizational unit below your top-level organization and place them in it. From there, you’re able to apply unique settings to that organizational unit.

But without an automation solution, applying unique OUs to groups of Chromebooks during the enrollment configuration process will require frequent and manual input into Google’s Admin Console.

Go-Box, however, allows you to streamline Chromebook enrollment configuration by adding an unrestricted number of templates. This lets you accommodate all the OUs you might need.

And because each template file is separate from the credentials file, you have quick control over which organizational unit configuration is applied during the actual Chromebook enrollment process.

How Does Go-Box Simplify the Organizational Unit Component of Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Manual application of OUs requires team members to:

  • Enroll the device with the correct user credentials
  • Follow up via the Admin Console to deploy specific organizational units and:
    • Apply unique permissions
    • Install varied applications based on a variety of factors (grades, classes, etc.)

With Go-Box you can create an unrestricted number of configuration templates to support as many organizational units as you need. 

Because your templates are stored separately on your Go-Box, they can be easily applied through the User Interface in a matter of seconds. 

All you have to do is:

  1. Select the pre-made configuration that applies to the group of Chromebooks you’re enrolling
  2. Set it as active; and 
  3. Plug in the Chromebooks

Once you’ve completed a batch, simply change the configuration for the next group of Chromebooks and repeat the process to apply varied organizational units with maximum efficiency. 

You’ll save yourself days of work when you let Go-Box help you automate establishing OUs for your Chromebook fleet.

chromebook enrollment configuration

#5: Easy Asset ID Setup

Go-Box supports the asset ID entry during enrollment when the setting is enabled in the Google Admin console. 

Easy Asset ID setup is extremely useful for inventory management purposes — especially when you’re enrolling hundreds or thousands of Chromebooks.

How Does Go-Box Simplify the Asset ID Component of Chromebook Enrollment Configuration?

Go-Box can support Asset ID tagging by configuring your “template” or script to complete enrollment.

You’ll finish up your Chromebook enrollment in a state ready to receive the unique Asset Tag via direct input (scanner) or keyboard.

Most schools use a barcode scanner to quickly buzz a sticker on the bottom of the Chromebook to enter in the Asset ID and complete the enrollment process.

You can take it one step further and use 3rd party software to associate your Chromebooks with the correct Asset ID tag after enrollment.


Complete the Enrollment Configuration for Your Fleet of Chromebooks With Ease — Buy Go-Box Today

Would you rather have your IT team spending:

  • A few minutes enrolling every single device in your Chromebook fleet manually; or
  • 90 seconds deploying a batch of 15 Chromebooks — simultaneously?

If the latter option sounds like a better time-management decision, it’s time to use Go-Box.

Our Chromebook enrollment configuration solution automates the entire Chromebook deployment process, allowing you and your team to:

  • Deploy 16 Chromebooks simultaneously.
  • Utilize an easy-to-operate user interface that requires no prior extensive coating knowledge.
  • Reset and re-enroll devices.
  • Restore factory defaults.
  • Powerwash any resident data.
  • Auto-update all devices to the most current OS.
  • Configure wireless networks automatically.
  • Utilize an unlimited number of templates for all your organizational unit configuration needs.

And unlike the other mass enrollment solutions, Go-Box can be used year after year.

You can buy Go-Box through your preferred technology reseller or request a quote for your organization today.