Less is more. 

Chromebooks are the number one educational resource for schools and parents for a reason — they’re simple. 

You already know Chromebooks are:

  • Safe
  • Reliable; and
  • Hassle-free 

But, what are the other significant reasons why Chromebooks are quickly becoming permanent staples for school districts? 

This guide for educators and parents takes a deep dive into what makes Chromebooks good for students by answering your must-know questions with researched answers.

Table of Contents

are chromebooks good for students

Go-Box: Making it Even Easier for Schools to Manage Chromebook Fleets

The 1:1 Chromebook enterprise enrollment process is often known to be:

  • Exhausting
  • Time-consuming; and
  • Expensive

With Go-Box, you create your own in-house “white glove” service. Complete enterprise enrollment on multiple Chromebooks at once — reducing time, cost, and headaches.

Go-Box is a one-time investment for your schools. Simply buy Go-Box once, and you can use it to enroll and configure your school’s devices year after year.

Check out Go-Box’s advantages:

  • One device can provision 16 Chromebooks at once.
  • A box can automate re-enrollment after a forced wipe on existing units.
  • Extensive coding knowledge isn’t required.
  • It utilizes an easy-to-operate User Interface.
  • We include full tech support.

Differences Between a Chromebook and a Traditional Laptop

From the outside, Chromebooks look just like any other laptop. The main difference between a Chromebook and a traditional laptop is in the software.

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS and Chrome Web browser. They’re heavily reliant on the Internet and Cloud storage.

Both devices have their advantages and disadvantages, and what’s “better” strongly depends on the user and the intent.

For school use, the clear winner is a Chromebook.

What sets it apart for the “mainly school work” user are advantages such as:

  • Powered by Google
    • Google is a trusted company that will be around for years to come.
  • Ease of Use
    • Chrome OS is a lightweight system that even non-tech-savvy parents can use.
  • Security and Administration Tools
    • Chrome OS has built-in security that meets the needs of a school’s IT policies.
  • Price
    • They can be bought in bulk for classroom use. Parents can also easily purchase one for home use.

Are Chromebooks Good for Education?

Yes, Chromebooks are a great option for education. 

In addition to what we’ve already covered, Chromebooks: 

  • Require minimal upkeep
  • Are budget-friendly 
  • Don’t allow third-party programs to be added
  • Are durable
  • Have a long battery life

Why Are Chromebooks Good for School?

Schools are primarily using computers for …

  • Web browsing
  • Word processing
  • Streaming video; and
  • Audio

… so Chromebooks are a great choice for schools. 

Storage isn’t a problem for Google-focused students as files and documents are easily stored with Drive.

Keep reading — 

We take a deeper look at specific ways why Chromebooks are good for both schools and their students.

3 Reasons Chromebooks Are Good for School From a School’s Perspective

It’s no secret.

More and more schools are jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon.

In 2020, there were more than 20 million Chromebook users worldwide.

Below you’ll learn more about why Chromebooks are good for schools.

#1: Chromebooks Require Minimal Upkeep

Google has developed Chromebooks with safety and security in mind — and defenses are working behind the scenes to keep your school and children protected.

Once enrolled, school Chromebooks require very little (if any) maintenance.

And if you’re using Go-Box to enroll, the process and upkeep are even faster and simpler.

chromebook laptop for school

#2: Chromebooks Are Budget-Friendly

School systems are known for being underfunded and understaffed.

Yet …

They have the enormous responsibility of shaping the next generation of teachers, doctors, firemen, and responsible citizens.

Chromebooks are inexpensive to buy. Most Chromebooks cost between $250 and $350. For schools and bulk purchases, the cost can be even less.

The total cost of owning a Chromebook can work out to be 70% lower than the costs of owning a traditional computer.

They are a welcomed option for teachers and other educators to provide students with the tools they need to succeed for today and tomorrow.

What’s more, parents also find Chromebooks to be an affordable option for home use to continue their students’ education outside of the classroom.

The value of a Chromebook is hard to beat.

#3: Chromebooks Don’t Allow Third-Party Programs to Be Added

With school-issued Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education administrators determine which Google services their users can access.

This provides security and control over your school’s devices. It also keeps kids safe from inappropriate content.

School Chromebooks are created to keep both schools and kids safe with:

  • Built-in protections
  • Strong compliance
  • No ads
  • Data transparency
are chromebooks good for education

3 Reasons Chromebooks Are Good For School From a Student’s Perspective

We know that schools love Chromebooks. But what about students? 

Learn how Chromebooks were made with students in mind:

#1: Chromebooks Are Hard to “Break”

Chromebooks all have one important thing in common —

They’re tough.

Education-focused Chromebooks are built for durability. On school Chromebooks, you’ll often find things like:

  • Thick polycarbonate shells
  • Rubber bumpers
  • MIL-SPEC approval for survivability
  • Microbe-resistant screens
  • Waterproof keyboard pans

Besides the physical damage that a Chromebook can withstand, Chromebooks are less prone to hackers. Because they have limited software installed, any internal issues can be quickly and easily wiped if a virus is detected.

#2: Chromebooks Provide Few Outlets for Distraction

Because Chromebooks are not good for gaming and access to websites can be easily restricted, they are great “homework powerhouses.” 

They let students concentrate on their school work. 

Distraction-free Chromebooks are better for all involved:

  • Schools
  • Students; and
  • Parents

Want to provide even fewer distractions for students on Chromebooks?

Some additional tools and extensions can be added, such as:

  • Distraction-free mode for Google Docs
    • Hides all formatting tools and buttons
  • Screen locks
    • Blocks the ability to browse from the current screen

#3: Chromebooks Are Lightweight and Have a Long Battery Life

A traditional laptop averages around six hours for newer models but is also known for having more battery-related issues.

Chromebooks are known for their long battery life. The average battery life for a Chromebook is nine hours and fifty-eight minutes.

Chromebooks are either stored to charge on carts, or students are instructed to charge them at home overnight. But even if a student forgets, their Chromebook can still perform well throughout the next school day.

And if almost ten hours isn’t enough battery life for you, here are a few tips on extending a Chromebook’s battery life even further.

Additional Education-Related Chromebook Questions Answered

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Keep reading for answers to top Chromebook-related questions.

Are Chromebooks Good for Online School?

Yes, no, and maybe. 

The answer here heavily depends on the type of school.

For most public online schools, Chromebooks are perfect. They are typically provided to online students just as they’re provided to many in-person students. 

But if your Online school has additional requirements such as …

  • Special plug-ins
  • Downloads required; or
  • Software requirements

… a traditional laptop may be needed.

Are Chromebooks Good for College Students?

Yes, Chromebooks are a great choice for college students. There may be times when an advanced laptop is needed. But for general school work, Chromebooks fit the bill. 

Most colleges provide computer labs and department-specific technology for students when more than just the basics is required.

Which Is Better for Students: Laptop or Chromebook?

If students are doing typical school work and accessing web applications, Chromebooks are great. 

If students are doing anything advanced that requires a lot of storage space or high-quality graphics, they may need a laptop. 

In the end, the answer depends on the type of students and their needs.

Debating on How to Manage a 1:1 Chromebook Fleet at Your School? Let Go-Box Help

You’re convinced that Chromebooks are good for schools.

If you’re serious about finding the best solution for enterprise enrollment and re-enrollment, then look no further.

Go-Box can be used year after year — including making quick work of force-wiping devices each year.

Don’t waste any more time or money on manual or “white-glove” services.

Request a quote today for your organization and get ready for your own “white-glove” service in-house with little to no expertise required.

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