Troubleshooting Chromebook Enrollments

There are a multiple reasons why a Go-Box may have trouble completely enrolling your Chromebooks. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Chromebook Shuts Down

Chromebook Shuts Down

Selects Accessibilities

Selects Language

This is usually caused by not having a good starting point. If Go-Box is connected to a Chromebook while it is still booting or while it is still powered off, this may cause the template to begin its countdown too early (See Breakdown of a template to see how Go-Box begins count down in the beginning of a template). Best practice is to connect Go-Box to that Chromebook once it has booted to the Welcome screen. Once the script starts, there is a command (CLICK left) which ensures that the starting point is always the same once at the Welcome screen.

This is more than likely a case of having a mixed batch of Chromebook operating on different OS or using a template that is made for a different OS. The best thing to do to avoid this is to check and see what OS the Chromebooks are operating on. Power up the Chromebook and at the Welcome Screen press ALT+V. The OS that the Chromebook is running on will pop up on the top right. From there select the template that is compatible with that OS or separate the Chromebooks into batches according to their OS and enroll accordingly.

It is normal to encounter slower speeds on a Chromebook when connecting multiple units to Google’s Services with the same managed account. A bottleneck affect can take place when multiple Chromebooks connect to the network, access Google’s Services, or download updates at the same time and in the same location. As a result, the connection and download/upload times will be much longer than if it were just 1-2 Chromebooks performing the action at once. This can cause inconsistencies with Go-Box completing enrollments and make it seem as though some Chromebooks miss-step in the process and fail to complete their enrollment. A great way to fix this and some other common issues such as Go-Box entering the password as the enrollment email, the Chromebook shutting down at the Terms and Condition screen, and the Chromebook entering the accessibility settings, would be to follow these steps.

1. All Chromebooks must have the same starting point. Make sure that the Chromebooks are booted to the Welcome screen before connecting them to the Go-Box.

2. Increase the WAIT times in all areas that connect to the network or Google Services by 8000- 15000.

This error stemmed from Google having issues with completing enrollments with certain OS versions like OS version 85 and 87 (just to name a few). Google stated that the issue was resolved by their engineers as of May 2021. Here are the steps Google recommended if your Chromebooks are still experiencing this issue:

  1. Re-save passphrases for your Network configuration in the Admin console. After re-saving, attempt enrollment again (Admins can just re-enter the same password on the network deployed from the Admin console and save the changes). More detailed steps can be found in this Help Center article
  2. If the Workaround steps above do not fix the issue, then Google suggests that our customers open a ticket under their domains, as they will need to investigate further and collect data from affected devices.