Shortcuts & Commands

Since a Go-Box unit in its essence emulates a keyboard, it has a vast amount of functionality. Within this article we will go more in depth into that functionality with a comprehensive list of commands and shortcuts that may help to broaden its utility in your environment.
Available Go-Box commands:
A list of available commands can be accessed on the Go-Box Dashboard by selecting the “Help” option:

Due to constant improvement efforts, the page above may contain differences to your current software version. The above screenshot shows the change to the PKEYS command that replaced the HOLD command. A comparison is shown below:

Useful Chromebook Shortcuts:
Google also has a couple of resources available that could be useful while compiling your custom scripts. Below is a link to their shortcuts article:

Go-Box commands for special keys and modifiers:

Command on Chromebook Keyboard Spelling for the command to be used in scripts
The enter key HIT enter
The shift key HIT shift
The key HIT win
The left ctrl key HIT lctrl
The right ctrl key HIT rctrl
The left shift key HIT lshift
The right shift key HIT rshift
The left alt key HIT lalt
The right alt key HIT ralt
The tab key HIT tab
Corresponds to the top row of commands located on Chromebooks HIT F# (1-11)
The esc key HIT esc
The backspace key HIT backspace
The space bar HIT space
HIT minus
= HIT equals
{ } HIT lbrace/ HIT rbrace
\ HIT backslash
; HIT semicolon
HIT quote
~ HIT tilde
! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) HIT shift 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
, HIT comma
. HIT period
/ HIT slash

Other Possible Chromebook Functionalities:
Google has compiled a list of debugging shortcuts that can be used with Chromebooks as referred to below:
Note: Go-Box may or may not be able to assist with all shortcuts described in the above link. For example, the power key is electrically hardwired in a Chromebook’s internal keyboard, thus the function of this key cannot be accessed through USB keyboard commands. Therefore, Go-Box cannot initiate keystrokes and combinations that require this key.