Nothing Happens when Go-Box is Connected to Provision Chromebook

ChromeBook Enrollment Viewed: 163

If you connect Go-Box to a Chromebook and nothing happens, here are a couple options to follow to get to the bottom of the issue.

  • Check the hardware port:
    1. In the Go-Box Dashboard, without making any changes to the active template or credential file, click on Start Logging” under the console window

    1. Connect a Chromebook to the Go-Box. An “Attached” message should appear in the console window indicating a successful connection to the Chromebook. Disconnect the USB from the Go-Box and a “Detached” message should appear in the Console.

These steps confirm that the Go-Box Chrome hardware is operating properly. If that is the case, the most likely cause is an error in the active template that has not been resolved. To resolve the issue, follow these steps below.

  • Check for template errors:
    1. Select the active template and click “Edit Template”

      Then click “Check for Template Error” to resolve any syntax errors. The errors will appear in the console window on the left of the Dashboard:
    1. Make the necessary changes to the template.
    2.  Click Check for errors to ensure that the changes made resolved the errors.
    3. Save the template.
    1. Set the template as active. A warning message will be displayed if there are errors or mismatch between the Credential/Template pair.
    2. If the issue persists, please contact Go-Box Support.