Introduction To Go-Box

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Go-Box Chrome is a powerful Chromebook automation tool.

Most anything you can do by hand with a traditional keyboard and a mouse, you can configure the Go-Box Chrome to do for you automatically, and asynchronously across its 16 USB ports.

The centralized management of settings, configurations and scripts makes setup a breeze. And the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is accessible via Wi-Fi from any browser, allowing you to make quick changes whenever and wherever you need to make them.
Our goal is to save you a ton of time provisioning large numbers of Chromebooks. The first configuration will take more time as you learn how to operate your new Chromebook automation tool. This guide will help reduce the learning curve, but if you get stuck, we’re here to help as well.
Once you get your first setup working and begin provisioning your Chromebooks, you will find that future configuration changes are a snap. Follow along in this guide and you’ll quickly learn everything you need to know.
If you ever have any technical questions, contact us: