Instructions for International Customers

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The Go-Box Dashboard is rendered in English and was designed to support characters on the US keyboard layout.  Go-Box supports international keyboard characters, primarily for keyboard characters that require “Right-Shift”, “Right-ALT”, and “Right-CTL” modifiers.

The most likely example is the “@” symbol, which is used to enter the enrollment email.  Entering the “@” symbol into a credential file using the Go-Box Dashboard will result in sending the wrong character to an international Chromebook.  For most international Chromebooks, the “@” symbol is sent to the Chromebook by using Right-ALT and 2.  For example, if your email is “” you will need to input your enrollment email into a Template like this:

Where the initial Credential file now has these variables:

An alternative method is to change the keyboard layout to U.S English on the Welcome screen of the Chromebook to perform the enrollment, and change it back to your preferred language once the enrollment is complete. Your international Go-Box comes pre-loaded with templates containing the above two methods. The amount of commands to navigate from the default keyboard to the U.S keyboard may vary from one language to the next.

If you run into any problems, please email and we will be glad to help with mapping special characters, editing a template for your preferred keyboard layout, and any other
Go-Box and enrollment needs.

Thank you for being a Go-Box customer!