How to Update a Chromebook during Enrollment using Go-Box

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Go-Box Chrome can automate the update process for Chromebooks during enrollment. In this article we will be speaking about making a two-step staging process to update Chromebooks that reboot after updating, and a process of increasing the wait times for those that do not reboot after updating.
NOTE: The Chromebooks will only update if there is one available for the model that you are enrolling. If you have a brand-new Chromebook which has not been connected to your network or enrolled to your Google Enterprise before, it may automatically check for an update before getting to the sign-in page. This can not be skipped by the “HIT ctrl alt e” command in our templates.
If you are enrolling a Chromebook that has been enrolled before, when the “CTRL+ALT+e” is pressed during the “Terms and Conditions” page, the Chromebook skips the update process by bringing up the Enterprise enrollment screen. See Google’s Article: and click on Auto Update Settings.
In this portion of the article we will cover automating Chromebook OS updates with a two stage update and enroll process. You will need to have two templates that will perform different functions. The first template will bring the Chromebook to the point of updating while the second template will pickup after the device reboots and complete the enrollment. (Tip: The key to staging the process is to run as many Chromebooks through the first stage, and put them aside while they are updating. Then once you have come to a good stopping point or completed the batch, run the Chromebooks through the second stage of the process.)

    1. First, you need to know what OS your Chromebooks are running on. To check what OS version is currently running on your Chromebook power on the device and press ALT+V on your keyboard. The Chrome OS Version should show up on the top right of your screen. If your Chromebook shows the latest version of Chrome OS then an update is not required.

    2. Once you have your OS version identified, connect to your Go-Box Dashboard and select the corresponding template that best matches the OS and your Wi-Fi configuration, then click on New Template.

    3. Once you have selected the template that matches your Chromebook OS and Wi-Fi configuration, within the template remove the CTRL+ALT+E command.
    4. After the CTRL+ALT+E command has been removed, highlight and remove the remaining portion of the script up to the last command before “END”. Here is an example of what the first template should look like after the edits (The example template was V70_to_V78_WEP):



    5. Once you have made these edits, save the changes as a “New Template” by selecting Save and provide a name of your choice(See our “How to make a Template” for instructions). 
    6. For the second part of the staging process. Select the same template that was used to create the first template, but this time you are going to remove the first half of the template content  and edit the second half. This will have Go-Box pickup after the Chromebook has updated and rebooted. In this second template, we want to make sure that the Ctrl+Alt+e is present in this template, to make sure that the Chromebooks sign into the Enterprise Enrollment. See example template after edits:

    7. Once you have made these edits, save the changes as a “New Template” by selecting Save and provide a name of your choice(See our “How to make a Template” for instructions).

After making the templates for the staging process, keep in mind that some further edits may be required based upon your Chromebook environment (i.e. WAIT times for different network speeds, added/subtracted tabs and commands based on Chrome OS).
The second method used for updating Chromebooks during enrollment, is for devices that do not reboot after updates. (To know if your Chromebook reboots or not after an update depends on the model of Chromebook).  Here are the steps to for this method:

    1. Similar to step one from the first method, select a template based on the version of your Chromebook’s OS and Wi-Fi configuration and click on New Template
    2. Go to the section of the template where Go-Box navigates through the terms and conditions and leads to the update/enrollment screen. From there, rather than removing steps from the template, you will need to increase the WAIT time to allow the Chromebook to download and apply the update. Typically our suggested amount of time needed to allow the Chromebook to update is at least 5 minutes. To translate that to the Go-Box, increase the WAIT time to 300000



    3. Once that is complete, Click Save and name the template. Keep in mind that increasing or decreasing the WAIT time may be required based upon how quickly your Chromebook download and applies the update.

If you have any questions please contact Go-Box Support. to possibly schedule a support call for assistance.