How to Update a Chromebook after Enrollment

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If you are having issues getting the Chromebook to update during enrollment, there is another method that can help you update and enroll the Chromebook.
A template is available for certain OS versions which navigates the Chromebook through the enrollment and then logs into the Chromebook to access the desktop. From here the template directs the Chromebook to the update screen and download the update.
Here is how it’s done:

    1. Beginning from the point after Go-Box Chrome completes the enrollment, this template goes on to then sign in with a user email and password as supplied within the credential file (in the credential file the User email and password is used to fill in this information). Here is an example of what the template may look like:
    2. Once Go-Box has signed in, the Chromebook should be at the Desktop
    3. Go-Box Chrome will then access the side menu and go to the Chromebook settings. See the template steps and corresponding Chromebook screen images below:

    4. Go-Box Chrome will then navigate through the Settings window to the Chrome OS update menu. Go-Box will select the “check for update” button to download and install an update if one is available.


The template ends.

NOTE:  Depending on the OS version you are on, some changes to the commands may be necessary, such as adding a HIT tab or removing one. Contact support for help with custom templates for your Chromebook environment.