How to Enroll a Chromebook on a Wi-Fi network without a Password

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In this article we will go through the steps  required to make the template compatible with a network without a Wi-Fi password.
NOTE: The commands that may need to be deleted may vary from template to template. Also, depending on the OS version, you may need to add a HIT up to select None in the Wi-Fi Security list to connect to the network).

    1. Create a new credential file and place your SSID in the proper location, but leave the Wi-Fi password as is. Fill in the rest of the variables you would like to use and save your credential file:
    2. Select the WEP template that corresponds to the Chrome OS version your Chromebooks are on, then select the “New Template” button. (We chose the V70 to V78 template as an example).
    3. Within the template remove the two “HIT down” commands and the “VWRITE WFPW command as pictured below. Leave the “HIT tab” command in place..
  •   This change will allow the Go-Box to skip the password input and instead navigate to the “Connect” button. See figure below for how the template should look after changes are made: