How to Connect a Chromebook to Wi-Fi using Go-Box

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Part of the enrolling process is to connect the Chromebook to Wi-Fi. We have found that selecting an SSID through the list of available Wi-Fi Networks will give inconsistent results. On the Go-Box, all of our pre-loaded templates are curated to connect the Chromebooks to your Wi-Fi network via the “Join Wi-Fi Network” screen. This allows the Go-Box to type out your SSID to ensure that the Chromebook connects to the correct network every time. Here is a snapshot of the commands used in one of our templates:

The steps below are visuals of what is going on in the Chromebook when this template is running

  1. The Chromebook begins at the Welcome screen after booting up.
  2. The shortcut ALT+Shift+s is used to bring up the side menu.
  3. By using the Tab button to navigate, the “Not Connected” section under the Wi-Fi symbol is selected:
  4. Rather than selecting one of the networks in the list, the Add Wi-Fi symbol is chosen in order to manually join a network:

    – This will ensure that the Chromebook always connects to the correct Wi-Fi network every  time. Go-Box will type out your SSID as provided within the active credential file.

  5. Hit Tab
  6. Select your security type (PSK WPA)
  7. Go-Box will then enter your Wi-Fi Password as supplied in the active credential file
  8. Hit Enter
  9. You will know that you are connected once you see the Wi-Fi signal turn dark

From here, our Go-Box templates then navigate to through the welcome screen and into the Terms and Conditions screen.
For assistance with Wi-Fi connections and any other Go-Box related tasks, please see our other knowledge base articles or contact our support team.