How to Bypass Auto Update when Provisioning Chromebooks

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Most of our pre-installed templates will have the command  “CTRL+ALT+e” placed to help Chromebooks access the Enterprise enrollment screen as mentioned in Google’s article:
If you are enrolling a Chromebook that has been enrolled before, when “CTRL+ALT+e” is pressed during the “Terms and Conditions” page, the Chromebook skips the update process and moves to the Enterprise enrollment screen. Brand new Chromebooks may be required by Google to update before enrollment (See Google Article:
and click on Auto Update Settings).
If you are having issues where updates would continue even if the “CTRL+ALT+e” combination was executed, Here are some steps to try to resolve this:

    1. try adding a WAIT 5000 or more right before the “HIT ctrl alt e

    1. Some of our customers have tried to use that command 3 or more times consecutively and were able to skip the update.

If none of these steps help, connect Go-Box Support