How to Apply a Go-Box Update

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We recommend using a PC for this update.  If you encounter problems, please contact and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

  1. Power up Go-Box

  2. Connect to the Go-Box Dashboard

  3. Click on “Settings and Info”

  4. Click “Update Software” then “Choose File” and select the license file “GoUpdate.tar.gz” that was emailed and then click “Open”

  5. Select “Upload Update”

  6. Reboot the Go-Box by disconnecting the power

  7. Wait at least 15 seconds until all lights turn off

  8. Re-apply power and observe the indicators for proper sequence:

    1. Faint red Power indicator LED for 3 seconds

    2. Blinking red Power indicator for 60 seconds

    3. Go-Box reboots

    4. Blinking red power indicator LED for 60 seconds

    5. Solid green Power indicator LED and three white LED indicators illuminate in sequence

  9. If the License did not update, open the Go-Box Dashboard , click “Settings and info” and then “Download Settings” and email this file to with the message “License Failed to Update”