Go-Box Chrome and Organization Units (OU)

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Go-Box can place Chromebooks into a specified organizational unit by using enrollment credentials set up within the Google Admin Console. Account credentials can be connected to specific organizational units in the Google Admin Console so that Chromebooks enrolled using those credentials fall into the specified organizational unit. A Go-Box credential file can then be created containing the enrollment credentials to be used during enrollment to utilize this function.
Google Admin Console Setup:

Under “Set Chrome user policies” in your Google Admin console there is an “Enrollment Controls – Device Enrollment” option. Here you must select “Place Chrome device in user organization” which will enroll the Chrome device within the Organizational Unit that the enrolling user’s credentials are assigned to.

For additional information, see the following Google document and click on the Device enrollment drop-down:

That should enable this feature for you, allowing your Go-Box Chrome credential file to work as intended
Then Try the following steps

  1. In the Google Admin Console , navigate to the following: Device > Chrome > User & Browser Settings
  2. Make sure that you select the correct Organizational Unit
  3. Scroll to “Device Enrollment “Google Admin
  4. Change the setting to “Place Chrome device in user organization
    Hit OK
    on the popup confirmation message and save the settings.