Go-Box Chrome and CAPTCHA

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When enrolling a large amount of Chromebooks at once you may encounter a Captcha prompt. Go-Box cannot directly input a captcha response as these are not intended to be handled by automation. The following are some things that can be done to resolve CAPTCHA issues as identified in Google’s support article here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9412749?hl=en,

  1. Create multiple user accounts specific to this task, using each account only once, for a single location.
    Sharing an account across multiple locations will likely trigger Google’s suspicious sign-in alerts and cause an account to become locked.
  2. Use the strongest passwords because they’re less susceptible to CAPTCHA flags.
  3. If your account gets locked, use a new account or follow these instructions to try and unlock it

Note: Volume or rate of enrollments for each account shouldn’t affect this process or trigger alerts.
It is possible to whitelist your IP during mass-enrollment to disable the captcha. This can usually be requested via your Google technical support channel with your support PIN. Some customers have also mitigated Captcha prompts by logging in to G-Suite admin console and enabling “Allow Less Secure Apps” here: https://myaccount.google.com/security#signin
Another suggestion that may help is to stagger the WAIT times for logging in with the Enterprise account. Having a longer WAIT time as well as waiting a few moments before connecting the next Chromebook or two staggers each device as they connect to Google’s services for enrollment. This staggered approach may help in bypassing CAPTCHA prompts.