Force-Wipe Followed by a Go-Box Powered Enrollment

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Go-Box Chrome enrolls a Chromebook that has never been enrolled (out-of-the-box) or after the above force wipe procedure. Specifically, the Go-Box starts automation for an enrollment after the Chromebook has completed a force-wipe/power wash and has loaded the welcome screen ready for enrollment. Due to the electrical design of Chromebooks, the PWR key is hardwired and cannot be accessed through USB keyboard commands, therefore Go-Box cannot initiate these keystrokes.  Typically, our customers power up the Chromebooks and manually initiate the Force-Wipe by pressing the ESC + REFRESH + PWR keys then the CTL-D, ENTER, CTL-D keys. See Google Article: After the force-wipe process completes, connect Go-Box to complete the Wi-Fi connection and enrollment.  This is the most efficient practice used by most of our customers.