File Not Saved! Credential Error Fix

If you are trying to make a new credential or edit an existing one and you get an error like the one above, follow these steps to fix this issue:

– Select GoBoxTest.json, click on “New Credential
– Make your edits but be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not change the file format (i.e. leave quotation marks, commas, and spaces as is)
  • If you are not using any of the variables, leave them as is. Do not delete them.
  • If you have a blackslash character: \ Instead place two backslashes: \\
  • If you have a double quote character (), insert a backslash before the double quote (\”)

This should allow you to save without any problems. Save the changes as a new credential file to preserve the original GoBoxTest.json, or save edits to your existing user created credential. This way you will always have a base credential file to reference.