Error during Enrollment: “Oops The system failed to establish the device installation time attribute lock"

ChromeBook Enrollment Viewed: 1293

A few of our customers have reported coming across an error message stating the following: “Oops! The system failed to establish the device installation-time attribute lock”.

After researching the issue thoroughly, it seems this is not related to the function of function of Go-Box and looks to be Chromebook based. Google implemented a fix after this was reported in Chrome OS version 54, but the problem seems to have resurfaced as recently as November 2019. According to our research the error message seems to appear on brand new Chromebooks. Customers that report this issue have new Chromebooks that were shipped with versions 73 and up. We have found a few potential solutions that may help relating to the following topics:

  • The device could be in developer mode. Switching back and forth can clear the error.
  • The problem can be fixed by using a recovery image to restore the Chrome OS installation (although a few customers report it the issue returning).
  • The device is attempting to be enrolled with an account not associated to the domain initially used to enroll the device (i.e. stolen device, refurbished device, etc.)
  • The TPM data may be corrupted and needs to be reset. Chrome OS recovery or firmware updates usually fix this.

A few of our customers were able to avoid this error message by Force Wiping the Chromebook immediately out of the box and then enrolling them.
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According to the articles there is no solid resolution for this issue yet but we are still searching. If none of these solutions help to get rid of the error message, please contact your Google representative for assistance.