CTRL+ALT+e Command Does Not Bring Chromebooks To The Enterprise Enrollment Screen

ChromeBook Enrollment Viewed: 190

Some users have reported an issue where the CTRL+ALT+e command is sent by Go-Box but Chromebooks do not navigate to the Enterprise Enrollment screen. By moving the “HIT ctrl alt e” template command after the 10 second WAIT, Chromebooks more consistently  bring up the Enterprise enrollment screen.

If the CTRL+ALT+E does not work, another way to access Enterprise enrollment would be to use the More Options drop down menu on the Sign in page to select Enterprise Enrollment.

Depending on the OS version of your template, you will need to make a few adjustments so that the Go-Box can accommodate this method. Please refer to the example template steps below and to our  custom template instructions  for help modifying a template to perform more functions.