Chromebooks Not Completing Enrollment Process

ChromeBook Enrollment Viewed: 178

It is normal to encounter slower speeds on a Chromebook when connecting multiple units to Google’s Services with the same managed account. A bottleneck affect can take place when multiple Chromebooks connect to the network, access Google’s Services, or download updates at the same time and in the same location. As a result, the connection and download/upload times will be much longer than if it were just 1-2 Chromebooks performing the action at once. This can cause inconsistencies with Go-Box completing enrollments and make it seem as though some Chromebooks miss-step in the process and fail to complete their enrollment. A great way to fix this and some other common issues such as Go-Box entering the password as the enrollment email, the Chromebook shutting down at the Terms and Condition screen, and the Chromebook entering the accessibility settings, would be to follow these steps.

    1. All Chromebooks must have the same starting point. Make sure that the Chromebooks are booted to the Welcome screen before connecting them to the Go-Box.
    2. Increase the WAIT times before the Chromebook needs to enter the Enrollment email and password by 8000- 15000.

The above solution compensates for the bottleneck effect that could occur when connecting 5 or more Chromebooks to one access point.