Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2020-06-22T08:08:46-04:00
Does the Go-Box charge Chromebooks?2019-02-20T12:09:09-05:00

No, the Go-Box connects passively to the Chromebooks to send USB traffic for automated enrollment.

Does Go-Box work with macOS, tablets, or PC devices?2019-02-20T11:16:17-05:00

Technically, yes!

Go-Box is recognized by any device (Chromebook, PC, MAC, tablet, etc.) that accepts an external mouse or keyboard. This means that any sequence of keys or repeatable processes you can do by hand can be automated across 16 USB ports with Go-Box.

If you do repetitive, repeatable tasks on each Mac, PC, or tablet you’re working with, save a lot of time using Go-Box to automate those same repeatable steps in batches of 16 devices at a time (asynchronous operation.)

Can the Go-Box Force Wipe or Powerwash reset Chromebooks?2019-02-20T11:26:48-05:00

Go-Box supports this process. After the Force Wipe process (sometimes referred to as Powerwash) is initiated manually, the Go-Box is then connected and continues the process to complete (re)enrollment.

Note that a Chromebook reset requires access to the power button, which cannot be accessed by any external device, so this must be pressed manually as part of the initial sequence.

Does the Go-Box have a warranty?2019-02-20T11:42:17-05:00

Yes, the hardware is warrantied for one year from the date of original purchase and supported by an RMA process. Additionally, we have a support staff ready to assist via phone or email to help fix any issue with the product. For warranty information, see the link at the bottom of our website.

How does Go-Box handle (re)CAPTCHA requests that appear during provisioning/enrollment?2019-02-20T11:28:56-05:00

Regardless of the process used, CAPTCHAs may occasionally interfere with mass enrolling Chromebooks. In our experience across many hundreds of thousands of automated enrollments, while the CAPTCHA response may be randomly triggered, once the CAPTCHA has been manually entered a few times, it rarely appears again during the remainder of the enrollment. 

If it becomes a nuisance, it is possible to white-list your IP address to disable the CAPTCHA. This can be requested via your Google technical support channel with your support PIN.

How is the Go-Box configured and operated?2019-02-20T12:07:19-05:00

The Go-Box uses a convenient dashboard that is made accessible from any browser via a self broadcast Wi-Fi on the Go-Box. This dashboard UI is used to configure the automation “template” and set the enrollment credentials. Once configured, the device can operate standalone and requires no additional connectivity other than the power source.

What are people saying in Go-Box reviews?2019-02-20T12:01:43-05:00

IT Directors and techs love Go-Box. We have a collection of customer reviews on our home page, here

Are there firmware or software updates for Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:55:34-05:00

When a firmware/software update is released, you will be contacted by the Go-Box team with instructions for updating.

The Go-Box software uses “templates” that support different Chromebook Operating Systems (OS) versions. Our team is continually monitoring for new OS versions and we will create and validate new templates. These new templates are provided to customers via Support.

How many enrollment configurations can Go-Box store?2019-02-20T12:06:22-05:00

For all practical purposes there is no limit to the number of automation “templates” or credential files that you can create and store on the Go-Box. The Go-Box comes pre-loaded with templates for all currently released Chrome OS versions. You can create any additional custom template for your automation needs.

Is there a maximum number of Chromebooks that Go-Box can enroll?2019-09-09T04:29:38-04:00

As an Education customer, once you own the device you can perform as many enrollments as you would like. Professional use of Go-Box is explained here.

Will it blend?2019-02-20T12:05:23-05:00

Not easily. The device is made of anodized aluminum and most commercial-grade blenders will not have the torque specifications required to emulsify Go-Box. We don’t recommend it (obviously.)

Does Go-Box support Asset ID tagging during enrollment?2019-02-20T11:28:01-05:00

Yes. Go-Box can support Asset ID tagging by configuring your “template” or script to complete enrollment and then end in a state ready to receive the unique Asset Tag via direct input (scanner) or keyboard.

Current customers have found success using the Go-Box to complete the enrollment and configuration, and then scan each tag to finalize their process. Additionally, 3rd party software is available to associate your Chromebooks with the correct Asset ID tag after enrollment.

Which Chromebook makes/models does Go-Box work with?2019-02-20T11:35:24-05:00

Go-Box works with all makes and models of Chromebooks.

If your Chromebooks use USB type-C exclusively, a USB Type A to C adapter will be needed. Additionally, Go-Box supports a mixed make/model deployment.

How does Go-Box enroll into specific Organizational Units (OU) in Google Admin?2019-02-20T11:24:56-05:00

Go-Box enrolls Chromebooks into desired OUs by using specific enrollment credentials that are associated for each OU. The credentials must be pre-configured in the Google Admin Console and associated to the desired OU.

For additional information, see the following Google document:

How long does it take to get a Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:19:10-05:00

Order processing time is typically 24-48 hours from the time that a valid Purchase Order (PO) is submitted or credit card payment is processed.

Default shipping for US customers is UPS ground from Newport News, Virginia (23606). FedEx International Economy is used for international shipments.

Expedited delivery options can be arranged at time of order.

What does the Go-Box come with?2019-02-21T07:00:50-05:00

Each Go-Box device comes with a carrying bag, 16 USB cables, cable ties, and a power supply. Everything you need to mass enroll your Chromebooks.

Does Go-Box have a license fee or any ongoing costs?2022-05-30T12:43:47-04:00

Education customers buy Go-Box once and can use it as much as they’d like within their school’s domain. There are no ongoing fees or costs to use Go-Box.

Professional customers can also use Go-Box as much as they like for an unlimited number of customer domains without any ongoing fees or costs. Described in detail here

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)?2019-02-20T11:18:11-05:00

We gladly accept PO Purchase Orders from K12 education, higher ed, and non-profit customers.

I’m not a school, can I purchase a Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:56:47-05:00

Click here to learn all about our Professional License product.

Learn more

How fast does Go-Box enroll Chromebooks?2019-02-20T11:21:51-05:00

After hundreds of hours of research and many years testing automated enrollment, we have fine-tuned the performance to be as fast as possible. While some speed factors are network/environment dependent, in general, it will take about as long to plug in the 16 Chromebooks as it will for the Go-Box automatically enroll them.

Some customer feedback about the speeds they’re seeing with Go-Box:

  • 24 Chromebooks in 2 minutes
  • 1,500 Chromebooks in less than 3 days, by one person
  • 6,000 Chromebooks in less than a week
Can Go-Box simultaneously enroll different makes/models of Chromebooks in a single run across its 16 USB ports?2019-02-20T11:30:57-05:00

Yes. The Go-Box does not require each port to be the same make/model.

As long as they are all operating the same Chrome OS version, you can have any combination of Chromebook brands and styles.

What support comes with the purchase of a Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:42:58-05:00

Go-Box is a fully supported product by live support technicians, online support, email support, RMA support, and a hardware warranty.

How big is Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:46:29-05:00

The Go-Box easily fits in a backpack. The device is 6.75” X 4.5” X 1.25” (17.15 cm X 11.43 cm X 3.18 cm) and weighs roughly 4.5 lbs. Each Go-Box comes with a branded bag to carry the device and all of the 16 cables (which are also provided.)

How many Go-Box units do I need?2019-02-20T11:20:31-05:00

Depending on the Chromebook throughput desired, one Go-Box per 2,000 Chromebooks to be provisioned is a general ratio used by our customers with normal IT resources. Where thin IT staffing/resources exist, a ratio of one Go-Box per 500 Chromebooks is common.

Alternatively, many customers find more success by assigning 1 Go-Box unit to each IT Technician, so they can conveniently use their own Go-Box for Chromebook deployments and/or re-enrollments at any of the school locations they may be working at each day.

Where can I buy Go-Box?2019-02-20T11:17:38-05:00

Go-Box is sold directly through this website. We also work with many valued technology resellers.

If you have a preferred technology solutions provider, contact them to request Go-Box. We can set them up if they’re not already an authorized Go-Box reseller. 

I need help getting started with my Go-Box. Does support assist with that?2019-02-20T11:55:19-05:00

For best service, please review and follow the user manual that came with your Go-Box. This step-by-step guide will help you get up and running in the shortest time possible. If your Go-Box is missing the user manual or if you still need help, fill out the form on our support page to open a ticket and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What network configurations does the Go-Box support?2019-02-20T11:37:15-05:00

Go-Box supports all network/enrollment configurations that a Chromebook supports as long as the credentials (user name, password, and other authentication info) are the same for each Chromebook. This includes, but is not limited to, network authentication portals, enterprise portals, network certificates, etc.

A custom “template” or script can easily be created to navigate the unique steps for configuration your network.

Do all 16 Chromebooks need to be plugged in? And is there a specific order for plugging in?2019-02-20T11:22:42-05:00

Once your “template” or script is configured, the Chromebook will be enrolled immediately after it’s plugged into the Go-Box using one of the provided 16 USB cables. The number of Chromebooks and the order plugged in do not matter when using the Go-Box device. Aside from the script being executed, each Go-Box USB port acts independently of the others.

Can Go-Box support enrollment into an enterprise network that uses a captive portal authentication?2019-02-20T11:36:17-05:00

Yes, the Go-Box supports portal authentication or any other network configuration/authentication that uses the same credentials (i.e. username, password, or other login/authentication information) for every Chromebook that needs to be provisioned/enrolled.

What Chrome OS versions does Go-Box support?2019-02-20T11:55:01-05:00

The Go-Box comes pre-loaded with many pre-made “templates” that support all current Chrome OS versions. For information about new OS versions and firmware/software updates for the Go-Box, see our Support page.

Can each USB port be configured to run a separate automation “template” or script?2019-02-20T11:29:52-05:00

No, the Go-Box uniformly executes one automation “template” or script  across all 16 USB ports at a time.

The Go-Box user interface dashboard makes it fast and easy to quickly change configuration between runs. For highest throughput, we recommend organizing your Chromebooks into batches of desired process output prior to running automation.

How does the Go-Box support multiple schools?2019-02-20T12:10:58-05:00

The Go-Box can store multiple credentials for enrollment (i.e. enrollment network/email names and passwords). These credentials are paired to an automation “template” or script. This allows quick and easy configuration change when moving from one environment to another.

How many Chromebooks can the Go-Box enroll at once?2019-02-20T11:23:51-05:00

The Go-Box can automatically enroll 16 Chromebooks at a time, asynchronously. Asynchronous means that the Go-Box automation script starts as soon as any Chromebook is plugged in using one of the provided 16 USB cables. The number of Chromebooks and the order in which they’re plugged in do not matter when using the device.

This asynchronous operation provides the fastest operation and highest throughput of Chromebook enrollments possible.

Can Go-Box load a Chrome OS update (OS recovery) through the USB?2019-02-20T11:38:10-05:00

We are constantly developing Go-Box capabilities and actively collecting community feedback. This feature is in development, however no release date is scheduled at this time.

Our current customers find success with this by simply utilizing USB flash drives to load the desired OS version as part of their process. For highest throughput, we recommend using USB 3.0 flash drives rated at the highest transfer speeds.

Can Go-Box support a mixed deployment of Chromebooks with different makes/models?2019-02-20T11:32:46-05:00

Yes, the Go-Box supports any combination of make or model Chromebook for a single deployment.

The most important factor for automation consistency is uniformity with the Chrome OS version each device is operating.

How does Go-Box support Chromebook OS updates?2019-02-20T11:40:19-05:00

Go-Box supports a shortcut feature on Chromebooks that will skip the “Auto Update” portion of provisioning/enrollment. This feature is included in all of the default automation “templates” that come loaded on the Go-Box, and can easily be disabled if needed.

Go-Box also supports updating the Chromebook OS version after enrollment or in a “staged” configuration during enrollment.