About Go-Box

Go-Box is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum Comm Inc.

Spectrum (not affiliated with Time Warner cable company) is a veteran-owned business Headquartered in Newport News, VA that was founded in 1999 to serve the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. With expertise across C4ISR, Acquisition and Logistics, Cyber Services, and Engineering Integration, Spectrum is positioned to understand a wide range of government customer needs. As a technology solutions provider, Spectrum developed its first product, The Go-Box Vault: a smart but rugged tablet dispensing system with advanced security software that autonomously ‘wipes and restores’ and protects tablet devices while at rest.

Many additional products and solutions have been developed to address a range of government and industry challenges and security concerns with tablet and laptop devices.

When challenges with Chromebooks in the K-12 education vertical became known, Spectrum saw an overlap with our current solution set and in 2016, Go-Box Chrome emerged.

Technology professionals look to our solution, Go-Box Chrome, because it provides mass automation for Chromebook enrollment, configuration, and other repetitive processes. Go-Box Chrome is powerful because it eliminates the manual entry of settings, account details, and Wi-Fi credentials during these processes. Our centrally managed scripts are easily accessed through any web browser and then applied asynchronously across 16 USB ports to ensure rapid automation on large quantities of Chromebooks. Go-Box Chrome is a must-have for every large Chromebook deployment.

The benefits for our customers include time savings, manpower efficiency, elimination of entry errors, and as well as substantial cost savings where commercial white glove enrollment services are replaced.